These are 4 Diseases of Abnormalities in Human Bones

Inspiring Articles 2017 – Bone is a part of the body that has a very vital role. Bone serves to give shape to the human body and as a passive means of movement. However, it turns out that there are a number of abnormalities in the bones in the human body. What is the disorder?

These are 4 Diseases of Abnormalities in Human Bones

Before knowing some bone disorders, you must know that the function of bones is also as a protector of a vital organ such as the brain. and bones also have a number of joints as a means of movement of the body. The part of the body that is often affected by abnormalities is the spine or spine.

Types of Diseases in Bones

Abnormalities or disorders of the bones can occur due to various things. One of them is a broken bone caused by an accident. There are also bone abnormalities that occur due to infection, joint disorders, attitude errors, and physiological disorders.

The following are some types of bone disorders:

Diseases that damage the bone skeleton

a. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disorder of bone health caused by a lack of calcium (calcium) in the body. This disease causes bones to break or crack easily. This disease usually affects older women.

To prevent osteoporosis, it is recommended to eat foods that are good for bones such as foods that contain vitamin D and calcium. Foodstuffs that contain vitamin D and calcium are found in milk and fish.

b. Polio

Patients with polio will experience paralysis which causes the bones to shrink, this disease can be prevented by giving the polio vaccine when they are under five years old.

c. rheumatism

Rheumatism is a disease that causes pain in the joints. This disease usually attacks the wrists, feet, and elbows.

d. Bone TB

Tuberculosis (TB) germs can also attack the bones, so the bones will become weak to pus that causes excruciating pain.

Body posture

The wrong posture has a bad impact on the shape of the bone skeleton. There are frames that are easily disturbed, namely the spine or spine. The following disorders exist in the spine:

a. Lordosis, the spine is too bent forward.

b. Kyphosis, a spine that is too bent back.

c. Scoliosis, a spine that is too bent to the right or to the left.

Abnormalities or disorders of the bones as a result of accidents

a. Fracture (broken bone), a break in the continuity of the bone determined according to the type and extent of the fracture or fracture in the intact bone.

b. Unravel the joints, detach the ends of the bones from the joints


Disorders of the bones caused by infection are:

a. Exudative arthritis. Due to inflammation of the lining of the joints.

b. Sica arthritis. Due to lack of synovial oil (joint lubricant)

c. Joint pain caused by an infection that produces pus due to attacks from sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis or gonorrhea.

d. Joints that feel stiff due to several chronic diseases.

e. Polio disease in children caused by a virus will cause abnormal bone and bone shrinkage.

Maybe that’s a number of abnormalities in the bones in the human body. Hopefully we can all avoid bone disease, be it the spine, breastbone , or other bones and let’s always maintain health by consuming nutritious food, exercising regularly and maintaining body stability both when sitting and standing.

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