Here are 8 Iftar Foods That Can Make You Fat

Inspirational Article – All Muslims in the world today are carrying out the obligation of fasting during the month of Ramadan for a whole month. This also includes in Indonesia. One of the interesting things in this month of Ramadan is when Muslims flock to find food for breaking fast or takjil every day in the afternoon before Maghrib.

Here are 8 Iftar Foods That Can Make You Fat

But sometimes, the majority of them do not know what food to buy as an iftar meal. Or some have even made a list of the foods they want to buy. So when breaking the fast, the stomach is filled with food that is sometimes not healthy for the body.

For that, you have to be careful, it’s not that you shouldn’t eat well and reward yourself for the success of fasting. But we must choose the food that is eaten so that weight loss occurs. The trick so that we don’t get fat is to keep the calories every day not exceeding the normal capacity. For the average teenage girl, we only need to consume about 1500 calories. This is the right amount so you don’t gain weight. So avoid high-calorie foods, ok?

Here are 8 foods that can make us fat while fasting.

Goat Satay

Aduuhh just smelling the smell of goat satay from a distance makes your stomach growl. We immediately ordered a portion plus rice. There are about 250 calories for one serving of rice and goat satay. One goat includes food with high calories. Be careful choosing this one menu. Even if you want, it’s better if we share one portion with other people. So it doesn’t have too many calories.

Nasi Padang

There’s nothing more delicious than eating Padang rice with steaming rice. Nasi Padang also has high calories, you know. Nasi Padang and chicken pop have around 838 calories of calories. While the normal average of calories that must be consumed so that we don’t gain weight is 1500 calories. That’s already half-finished right?

Complete Lead Rice

Iftar events are often held in typical Indonesian restaurants. The menus are really tempting and very tasty. One of them is complete lead rice. So, be careful when consuming this menu. Calories there are about 909 calories.

Chicken Soto Rice

Soto Ayam is like everyone’s favorite rice rames and is easy to find at street vendors. The price is affordable too. But the chicken soup rice is quite high in calories, which is 596 calories.

Fried rice

Tukan fried rice is very easy and often passes in front of the house. If we are hungry, we just call. Fried rice is also high in calories, which is 740 calories.

Fried Chicken

Junk food is the most favorite is always breaking the fast. Be careful, even though it looks like a small portion, it has high calories. One chicken breast has 320 calories plus rice calories 199 calories. Not to mention soda drinks, which contain 90 calories. Let’s say we buy an economical package containing chicken, rice and soft drinks. In a total of one meal, we consume 609 calories. Sometimes you can. But don’t open every time we eat fried chicken.


Like fried chicken, pizza is often an option for breaking the fast. Because the serving is cut into pieces, we are not aware of eating a lot. Especially if we choose the meat-lover or pepperoni pizza. It’s quite a lot of calories. One slice of pepperoni from Pizza Hut consumes 289 calories. On average we spend 2-3 slices, so one meal is 578-867 calories. Meanwhile, a meat lover from Pizza Hut has 270 calories per slice. If 2-3 slices of calories are 540 – 810 calories

Spaghetti meat ball

Similar to pizza, spaghetti is a favorite menu that is easily available at food outlets. Calories around 969 calories

Maybe that’s 8 iftar foods that can cause you to get fat. How are you, ladies? Are there foods above that have become your habit? so you have to reduce the food above so that you stay slim as you want. Hopefully useful and good luck….

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