Here are 12 Benefits of Coffee for Body Health

Inspirational Article 2017- Benefits of Coffee – Coffee is a drink that is often used as an opening and closing activity in every day. Some people think that drinking coffee in the morning can make the mind fresher and improve mood. In addition, coffee is also always used as a medicine to reduce sleepiness in the morning and at night. Coffee is also a drink favored by both men and women.

Here are 12 Benefits of Coffee for Body Health

On the other hand, there are some opinions that say coffee is an unhealthy drink because it contains caffeine which is not good for the health of the human body. This is true if the person consumes an excessive amount of caffeine. In essence, coffee does not cause problems if its consumption is limited. Drinking too much coffee can lead to serious health problems.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Many people admire the pleasure of a cup, but behind the pleasure of coffee, there are various benefits. The benefits of coffee include:

Increase stamina

Coffee has a high caffeine content. Adenosine in the body works as a cell that causes the brain to feel like sleeping. The caffeine in coffee affects the performance of cells and makes them move slower. So it makes you feel fresh longer.

Prevent cancer

Antioxidants in coffee can help reduce the risk of cancer symptoms in the body. Research in Japan on the number of women who consume coffee 2 times a day, the risk of colon cancer decreased by 25%.

Coffee maintains oral health

Coffee has anti-bacterial properties which are good for oral hygiene. This can help heal cavities, plaque, and gum infections. Of course, there is a great opportunity to reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Inhibition of sugar absorption can be done by consuming coffee. The content of chlorogenic acid helps this performance in increasing insulin formation. Experts have proven that diabetes that occurs in a person can be reduced by 50% thanks to the benefits of coffee.

Reduce the Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that mostly affects people over the age of 65. Coffee has been shown to increase protection against diseases associated with the degradation of nerve function.

Prevents Parkinson’s

Besides Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s is one of the most popular diseases whose cause is the degradation of nerve function in the human body. Regular consumption of coffee can increase protection against Parkinson’s disease.

Improve Mood

Many people are unconsciously more excited and cheerful when drinking coffee. Coffee is indeed one of the drinks that can improve a person’s mood, not only that it can also have a correlation effect on happiness.

Benefits of Coffee for Beauty
In addition to its good health benefits, coffee is often used as a beauty treatment medium. Here are some of the benefits.

Coffee for face mask

The benefits of coffee are widely used for making face masks in beauty salons. Its use makes the skin tight and removes dead skin cells. coffee can be used as an anti-microbial cream for facial cleansers

Scalp care

According to research, the caffeine content in coffee makes it anti-hair loss. Antioxidants here play an active role in maintaining the scalp.

Refreshing body skin

The benefits of coffee maximize the release of dead skin cells that have an impact on skin rejuvenation, so the skin looks always healthy and glowing. Just use a coffee-based scrub for skin care regularly.

Use of coffee for pedicure and manicure

Aromatherapy coffee grounds help clean black elbows and cracked heels. In addition, coffee can also be used to improve skin firmness and to help prevent premature aging.

Coffee grounds are very good for tightening the face

Many have experienced how coffee grounds have an important role in beauty. It is enough to make coffee grounds as a mask, it can increase skin firmness to make it easier to maintain.

Maybe that’s 12 Benefits of Coffee for our health. But keep in mind, consume coffee regularly and not excessively be it black coffee, civet coffee, milk coffee or other coffee. Usually 2-3 cups a day to get some of the benefits of coffee and this can also avoid excessive caffeine consumption. Hope you can help.

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