Here are 10 Functions of Fat for the Human Body

Inspirational Articles – In the human body, there are a number of nutritional content that is produced from something that is consumed or eaten. The most abundant content in the human body is minerals, protein, and fat. It should be noted that the function of fat in the human body is to serve as the main source of energy in addition to protein and carbohydrates. This fat is produced from the food consumed every day.

Here are 10 Functions of Fat for the Human Body

Types and Functions of Fat

Fat has the nature of hydrophobic organic substances so it will be difficult to dissolve in water. If the fat content in the food consumed is too much, it will cause the accumulation of fat in the body such as a distended stomach. Fats consist of oxygen, phosphorus, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. From the composition of the elements that make it up, fats are divided into 3 groups, namely:

  • Simple fat. Namely, fats derived from triglycerides such as oils and waxes.
  • Mixed fat. Fats consist of non-fat and fatty compounds such as phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine, and lipoproteins.
  • Real fat. Real fats are divided into 2, namely unsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids.

The content contained in fat will provide various functions of fat for the human body, here are 10 functions of fat:

  • Can protect the body from changes in temperature, especially against cold temperatures, is very helpful in the human body.
  • Can help in the process of dissolving vitamins in the body.
  • Is one source of energy that can be used in human daily activities.
  • Can be useful as a means of transporting vitamins that are dissolved in fat so that not all vitamins are mixed with fat.
  • Useful as a means of protecting vital organs such as the stomach and heart.
  • Can be useful as a barrier from hunger conditions.
  • Fat is the main source in the process of energy formation so that protein in the body can be more efficient.
  • Can function in the process of compiling cell membranes in the body.
  • Useful as an ingredient in the preparation of vitamins and hormones.
  • Can function as an ingredient in the process of preparing sex hormones, cholic acid, and bile.

Source of Fat

In daily practice, every human being will need different fat in the body. In accordance with human age and weight, every day normal humans really need fat as much as half to one gram for every one kilogram of human body weight.

In order for fat in the body to be fulfilled, it is necessary to get food intake that contains fat sources according to their respective needs. Food sources that contain fat are divided into two, namely:

  • Sources of vegetable fats such as avocado, walnuts, marine plants, coconut oil, soybeans.
  • Sources of animal fats such as milk, eggs, meat, and marine fish.

Maybe that’s the function of fat for our bodies. So, we don’t have to be too afraid of the fat that is in our bodies, because in fact fat is needed by our bodies which are of course not in excessive amounts. For that, let’s protect our bodies from harmful and excessive foods. Do not let us do dangerous things like liposuction and so on.

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